B2 2hr Expanding Fire Foam

Fire-rated expanding foam that you can use as a strong seal against gas and smoke. This product is covered by a 240-minute fire rating standard. When it comes to building and construction the materials that you use make all the difference and this sealant will increase safety standards. As well as being an excellent filler, this material has high thermal properties as well as offering the acoustic insulation that you need. It won’t shrink, leaving gaps that can be a route through which smoke or fire can escape through and it can be painted over too. Up to two hours of fire resistance depending on the depth to gap ratio.

Once it has been applied to the surface, this product is quick to cure too allowing you to move on with new tasks and get through your projects much quicker. The material can also be sawn, cut or formed within an hour of application. Super simple to apply, with up to a 3m linear joint which can be installed in under 10 minutes. You can also apply paint or plaster without the need to use any other primers. The product will expand up to 40 times its volume, offering a convenient and cost-effective fire foam solution.

Versatile and CFC free, it has an excellent capacity to fill many different gaps and it can easily adhere to most building substrates. Unaffected by humidity or moisture once it’s cured and provides a strong seal with great fire-resistant properties.