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Doff Controlled mixture of Slow and immediate Release Fertiliser Ericaceous Azaleas Plant Food

Indoors and Outdoor Plant Food 1kg Dispensing Tub


Barcode: 5013655213447

Doff Ericaceous Controlled Slow Release Fertiliser presented in a 1kg bottle containing a blend of slow releasing granules plus fast acting plant food providing nutrients when plants need it most.

Easy to use and ideal for Azalea, Camellia, Magnolia and Rhododendron

Mixture of Slow and Fast release fertiliser.

Encourages healthy growth and produces bigger blooms.

Ideal for all plants indoors and outdoors.

Easy to use shaker dispensing bottle.

Size: 1kg

Always read the label prior to use.

Ericaceous Explained:

Ericaceous plants are plants that dont like growing in soils that contain lime.

They are also known as acid lovers or lime haters. This means they wont grow well in soils that have a high pH - such soils are referred to as alkaline.

Ericaceous plants include Rhododendron, Camellia, Azalea, Pieris, summer flowering heathers (calluna) and even Japanese maples (Acer) among others.

This also applies to Blueberries.

If you try to grow ericaceous plants in alkaline or limey soils, they produce yellow leaves.

This is a condition known as lime-induced chlorosis, where they don't grow or flower well and usually, finally die.

The main reason for this is that they need plenty of iron and other soil nutrients that become insoluble or locked up in the soil at high pH, so the plants cant absorb them.

If your soil is alkaline, you could try digging a large hole, lining it with plastic sheeting, making some drainage holes in the plastic, and then filling with a lime-free soil or ericaceous compost however, this rarely works well and is a bit of a risk.

Doff Garden and House Plant Feed.

All Manufacturers Plant Feed and fertiliser.

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