Doff Controlled Release Fertiliser Multi Purpose Plant Food 1kg SVGA00DPL

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Doff Controlled Release Fertiliser Multi Purpose Indoor & Outdoor Plant Food 1kg Dispensing Tub


Option: F-VG-A00-DOF

Barcode: 5013655213423

Doff Multi-purpose Controlled Release Fertiliser presented in a 1 Kg bottle containing a blend of slow releasing granules plus fast acting plant food providing nutrients when plants need it most.

Easy to use and ideal for hanging baskets and containers as well as other shrubs, plants and vegetables.

Mixture of Slow Medium and Fast release fertiliser.

Encorages healthy growth & produces bigger blooms.

Ideal for all plants indoors and outdoors.

Easy to use shaker dispensing bottle.

Size: 1kg

Always read the label prior to use.

Doff Garden and House Plant Feed

All Manufacturers Plant Feed and fertiliser

Option Text SVGA00DPL
Reference Code F-VG-A00-DOF

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