Cromar Cromaprufe DPM Damp Proof Liquid Membrane 22.5 Litre ACP-601

Brand: Cromar Building Products
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Trade Option 25 Litre Drum

Cromar Cromaprufe DPM Damp Proof Liquid Waterproofing Membrane


Barcode 5036684002837

Trade Discounted option 25 litre drum of Cromar Cromaprufe DPM is a rubberised enriched bitumen emulsion water proofing membrane that's brown upon application but dries black.

General purpose product used on walls and floors to prevent water ingress and dampness from the ground or surrounding areas.

Acts as a water proofer for floors and walls, above ground structures and foundations.

Provides a highly effective sandwich damp-proof membrane for floors and walls.

Cromaprufe will provide a waterproof membrane on concrete and brick foundations, retaining walls and bridge abutments.

It protects concrete structures against attack by sulphates present in soils.

May be used internally and externally.

Cromar Cromaprufe can also suitable for use as an adhesive for wood floor block, mosaic panels, insulation boards, expanded polystyrene, cork and as a plaster bonding agent, even on difficult surfaces.

Application Instructions

All surfaces should be sound, stable and free from dust, dirt, grease, oil and all loose matter.

Cromaprufe may be applied to damp but not waterlogged surfaces.

Porous and hot dry surfaces should be dampened with clean cold water to assist the application of the product.

Cromaprufe Uses

Forms an impervious water and water vapour Tanking barrier on most surfaces both Internally or externally.

May also be used as an adhesive or bonding aid, low hazard with water clean up, provides sandwich damp-proof membranes for floors, general Waterproofing for use on concrete, fiber cement, render, plaster, for waterproofing structures such as bridge abutments, retaining walls, Culverts, for fixing wood blocks and wooden mosaic flooring, as a bonding agent for plastering difficult substrates such as glazed tiles, for fixing insulation boards, expanded polystyrene and cork slabs, as a curing agent for concrete.

Approximate Coverage

2 meters square per litre depending on surface per coat

2 coats recommended

Product Limitations

Do not apply when rain is imminent

The product may bleed through any paints subsequently applied over it.

Apply a primer recommended by the paint manufacturer before over painting.

Always read the technical data sheet before use and for full application information and instructions.

Brand Cromaprufe
Manufacturer Cromar
Reference Code ACP/601
Type Liquid Damp Proofing Concrete Masonry Water Proofer
Size 25 litre
Colour Black
Name Link
Cromar Cromaprufe DPM Damp Proof Liquid Membrane Safety Data Sheet Download Attachment
Cromar Cromaprufe DPM Damp Proof Liquid Membrane Technical Data Sheet Download Attachment
Cromar Products Brochure Download Attachment

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