Everbuild 206 Strike Shutter Release Oil 5 lItre STRIKE5

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Everbuild 206 Strike Shutter Shuttering Release Oil 5 lItre

Barcode: 5029347002657


EVERBUILD 206 STRIKE RELEASE shuttering oil a high quality sprayable chemical release agent for use on all types of standard form work materials.

Carefully formulated from selected highly refined mineral oils, it is recommended for spray application to moulds manufactured from wood, metal, polypropylene, ABS, polyurethane and other plastics which are susceptible to long term damage by conventional release agents.

Produces a high quality stain and blemish free concrete finish with minimum incidence of blow holes.

206 Strike Release Oil Benefits:

Greatly reduced swelling effect on thermoplastics and rubber when compared with conventional release agents.

Chemical reaction provides clean, positive release even with more porous form materials eg wood and a matt stain free concrete surface with minimal incidence of blowholes and form work damage.

Concrete struck with STRIKE RELEASE OIL requires simply brushing down prior to application of subsequent surface coatings, cementicious renders or repair materials.

STRIKE RELEASE OIL gives a water repellent coating protecting form work from rain showers and providing a degree of rust inhibition to steel form work.

Suitable for use with portable water structures - Water By Laws Scheme - Approved product

STRIK5 Data Sheets:

Everbuild 206 Strike Shutter Release Oil Technical Data Sheet

Everbuild 206 MSDS Safety Data Sheet

Everbuild 206 Manufacturer Page

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Everbuild 206 Strike Release Oil Safety Data Sheet Download Attachment
Everbuild 206 Strike Release Oil Technical Data Sheet Download Attachment

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