Seal It Roof Seal Waterproof Liquid Roof Coating Compound 20L BDSIR20BL BLACK

Brand: Bond It
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Bond-it Seal It One Coat Roof Seal Waterproof Liquid Roof Coating Compound

Colour Black

Size 20 Litre


Barcode 5056437402073

Award Winning Seal It One Coat Roof Seal Waterproof Liquid Roof Coating Compound Now Available in BLACK

Seal It liquid Roof is a 100% waterproof barrier made with next generation hybrid ingredients that has a 25 year material guarantee.

Seal-It Black Liquid Membrane is a  one coat roof seal system that's easy-to-apply one coat roof seal offering a modern alternative to traditional GRP, PU, silicone, and bitumen roof coatings.

The roof seal coating is a highly reflective, solvent-free, non-flammable liquid membrane formulated for professional roofing applications and requires no special training to apply.

Suitable for use on new projects, extensions or to refurbish an existing leaky soundly constructed roof's.

Used by Diyer's and professionals easy to use just follow the rules.

Based on hybrid technology Seal It Liquid Membrane has high elasticity even under variable weather conditions.

It does not harden under cold conditions and stays flexible Bond it Roof Seal has very high stability to temperature variations from 50 degrees C to +120 degrees C.

Week areas and joints can be reinforced with a spunbond polyester mat such as the roof seal reinforcing mat where required, this system gives the ultimate in roof coatings.

Roof Seal has high resistance to UV radiation and to external chemical attack it also has excellent resistance to ageing ultraviolet and discolouration.

Designed to be used on its own but in more demanding situations it can be used in conjunction with a primer, accelerator, reinforcement mat and edging joint trimming sealer.

Altogether the system delivers a high performance watertight and permanently flexible and extremely durable barrier coating for all existing roof substrates and is guaranteed for 25 years.

Seal It Liquid Membrane has superb thermal properties and out-performs black bitumen by 36% at just 0.8mm thickness, it is also 11.3% more efficient than solar reflective paint which helps reduce energy costs the need to cool the building using air-conditioning.

Main Point

  • Available in 5 litre and 20 litre containers.
  • Suitable for use on new projects, extensions or to refurbish an existing, leaky roof.
  • Colour Black also available in grey
  • Needs no specialist training.
  • Simple one coat application but breathable.
  • Easily re coated, no stripping required.
  • Adheres to all common building substrates.
  • Solvent-free and non-flammable.
  • Solar helps reduce energy costs.
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces.
  • All weather application see technical data sheet.
  • Permanently flexible.
  • Rain safe in 15 minutes.
  • Withstands chemical attack.
  • Can be used at lower temperatures by using Seal It Accelerator.
  • Compatible with common substrates: Cement, concrete, brick, stone, metals, wood, tiles etc

Joints and gaps can be first sealed using roof seal crack and edging sealer 295ml which is used in a standard sealant gun and week areas can be reinforced with Seal It Reinforcing Mat this can also be used across the entire roof if required this will product a really robust roof, offering twice the strength once incorporated.

Application Kits Available 9 inch Single Arm Application Kit or 12 inch Double Arm Application Kit

Approximate Coverage

1 Litre of SEAL IT LIQUID MEMBRANE will cover approximately 1m square at 1mm thickness.

Also Available Seal It Roof Seal 20 Litre In GREY

Roof Seal Liquid Roof System Demonstration How To Video

(Please note that tins will get dented in transit and this is not a reason for return please do not purchase tined products if this is an issue for yourself.)

Brand Roof Seal
Manufacturer Bond it
Reference Code BDSIR20GR
Type Liquid Roof Coating
Size 20 litre 20L
Range Seal It
Colour Grey

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