Bond-it All Weather Roof Coating Compound 25 Litre Black BDB028

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Best Price Trade Option 25 Litre Drum

Bond It All Weather Roof Paint Coating Compound with fibrous Filler

Colour Black


Barcode 5060021360977

25 Litre Drum Cromar All Weather Roof Coating is a solvent based black coating that can be applied by brush or solvent resistant roller sleeves finished with a brush.

The roof coating compound has a small amount of added fibres for reinforcement.

Specifically designed for overcoating and restoring leaking or slightly damaged roofs, or general maintenance dries to a tough black finish.

A general purpose, high performance, waterproof coating suitable for use on mastic asphalt, roofing felt, corrugated iron, fibre cement, slates, lead, copper, tin and zinc.

Excellent resistance to extremes of temperature and does not crack in the cold or flow in the sun.

Recommended where the threat of frost or rain precludes the use of an emulsion.

Can be over coated with a suitable decorative solar reflective paint to prolong the life of the coating.

An effective, general purpose roof coating that is resistant to water almost immediately after application, therefore ideally suited for winter use

Can be used to waterproof guttering not plastic, can also be applied to structural steel work.

Bond it All weather Roofing Compound may be used in conjunction with a rot-proof hessian, reinforcement scrim or a bituminised glass fibre scrim.

It may also be used as a vapour barrier.

Waterproof and repair many different types of roof coverings including

  • Asphalt roofs
  • Built-up felt roofs
  • Concrete roof decks
  • Asbestos-cement sheeting
  • Metal sheeting including iron, steel, zinc and lead
  • Slates and tiles

Approximate Coverage depending on surface

Apply ALL WEATHER ROOFING COMPOUND by brush roller or broom, with each coat at right angles to the previous one, at a maximum rate of 0.75 litres per m2 and allow each coat to dry thoroughly.

drying is approximately 24 hours under average conditions, allow at least 24 hours between coats.

If your roof is poor consider Scrim Treatment

In order to bridge gaps, cracks and fissures and in all cases where roof surfaces are in advances states of decay, it is recommended that All weather Roofing Compound be used in conjunction with a reinforcing membrane, either rot-proof Hessian or, preferably glass membrane.

Having ensured that the surface is clean and receptive to the coating product, apply a first coat at 1 meter square per litre. Immediately apply the glass membrane into the wet All weather Roofing Compound film using a brush charged with coating. Ensure that complete contact is achieved and that no air is trapped beneath the Roofing Compound.

The glass membrane should be lapped by 50 to 75mm and the inside of each lap should be painted with a small amount of Roofing Compound. Small gaps and differences in levels should be bridged ensuring that the glass membrane is not pulled too tightly across the gap so that any movements in the structure will be accommodated. Least 150mm and secure using self adhesive flashing (150mm width) allowing 75mm to be in contact with the brickwork above. Apply a second coat of All weather Roofing Compound and allow this to dry.

Cleaning tools is normally done with white spirit but you may consider using paint brushes that will be discarded after use.

Always use the product from a paint kettle and close the container to prevent evaporation.

Available Sizes 

Bond It All Weather Roof Coating 2.5 Litre

Bond It All Weather Roof Coating 5 Litre

Bond It All Weather Roof Coating 25 Litre

(Please note that tins will get dented in transit and this is not a reason for return please do not purchase tined products if this is an issue for yourself.)

Manufacturer Bond It
Reference Code BDB028
Type Roof Coating Paint
Size 25 Litre
Colour Black
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Bond it All Weather Roof Coating Compound Safety Data Sheet Download Attachment
Bond it All Weather Roof Coating Compound Technical Data Sheet Download Attachment
Bond it Bitubond Range Information Leaflet Download Attachment

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