Bond It 2 Part Coloured Wood Filler 275g White Teak Pine Dark Light Oak

Brand: Bond It
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Bond It 2 Part Coloured Wood Filler 275g

White - BDWF2WH

Teak - BDWF2TK

Pine - BDWF2PN

Dark Oak - BDWF2DO

Light Oak - BDWF2LO

Bond It 275g All purpose two part polyester high performance wood and surface filler available in 5 colours.

A tough, durable, two part wood filler based on polyester resin. Long lasting repair for all wood types.

General wood filling of window sills, frames, banisters, MDF and laminates, etc.

Repairing wood damaged by wet rot in both internal and external locations.

Repair damage and chips to parquet or laminate flooring, wooden furniture, etc.

Specification and Main Points

  • Provides a tough long lasting repair to all woods even in the most demanding situations.
  • Sets rock hard to a shatterproof finish in 30 minutes at any depth
  • Can be stained, painted, varnished or dyed once cured
  • Ok for use with microporous stains.
  • Has exceptional strength and flexibility
  • High strength; can be drilled, nailed, planed and carved once dry.
  • Totally waterproof.
  • Suitable for exterior as well as interior applications.
  • Sandable in 30 minutes.
  • Good movement capabilities to flex with wood.
  • No shrinking or cracking.

Areas For Use:

  • Repairing wood damaged by wet rot inconjunction with WET ROT WOOD HARDENER
  • Interior and exterior applications.
  • General wood filling in window sills, frames,doors door frames, banisters, MDF, laminates etc.
  • Repair of corner pieces infurniture.
  • Repair of wooden constructions including marine applications etc.
  • Repairing chips and damage in parquet and laminate floors.


  1. Ensure the repair area is clean and dry and free from dust or any contamination that may affect adhesion
  2. Any rotten wood should be totally removed.
  3. If you intend to overstain the repair, choose the filler colour closest to the wood you are filling, not the stain you intend to use.
  4. Always check the stain on a small area as the filler may absorb the stain at a different rate to the wood.


  1. Mix a golf ball volume of filler approx. 38mm diameter and a 38mm strip of hardener into a homogeneous paste with the spatula provided.
  2. Press firmly into the surface to be repaired, leaving it slightly proud.
  3. Leave to dry for about 30 minutes until hard before finishing, sanding, painting or staining.

Manufacturer Bond It
Type 2 part Coloured Wood Filler
Size 275g
Colour White Light Oak Pine Teak Dark Oak
Name Link
Bond It 2 Part Wood Filler BDWF2 Safety Data Sheet Download Attachment
Bond It 2 Part Wood Filler BDWF2 Technical Data Sheet Download Attachment

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