3M Perfect-it Fine Cut Compound 1 Litre 09375

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3M Perfect-it Fine Cutting Compound 1 Litre

Product Option: 3M-09375

Barcode: 4046719717125

3m 09375 Perfect-it fine cutting compound a quick action fine cutting compound ideally suited for the removal of light oxidisation, over spray and minor scratches on gel coats and two pack paint systems.

Follow with 3M Finesse-It II Finishing Material 3M-09048 for a clean and high-gloss finish.

Restore oxidised paint to a high luster, remove blend lines and fine grade flattening scratches all with 3M Perfect It Fine Compound. Use on fresh automotive paint.

This compound is ideal for use on gel-coats, and perfect for two pack paint systems. You can also use it to remove heavy overspray.

You can also use it to remove heavy overspray. 3M have designed this compound for use with their own compounding pads or Elite Cool foam Light Cut 6' Orange Pads.

You'll find these products easy to use and very versatile. It's the choice of professionals worldwide.

Available as a one litre bottle.

Take a look at the all New Gelcoat cutting Polishing and Waxing System

3m Perfect It Gelcoat Finishing System How to Use and Choose Demonstration Video

The full series of 3M products created specifically for gelcoat includes

1: 3M Perfect It Boat Wash

2: 3M Perfect It Medium Cutting Compound +Wax

3: 3M Perfect It Light Cutting Polish +Wax

4: 3M Perfect It Boat Wax, this range of products is ideal for achieving professional grade gel coat finishes for automotive, boats, RVs and industrial applications.

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