3M Marine Gelcoat Light Cutting Compound Wax 473ml 36109E

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3M Marine Perfect-it Gelcoat Light Cutting Compound Wax 473ml

MPN: 36109E

Barcode: 0051131296893

Using 3M Marine Perfect-it Fiberglass Cutting Compound and Wax combines two steps in one -saving you time and money.

Dual action Light Cutting Compound & wax protector lets you finish the job faster.

When a brilliant finish and durable protection are needed for P1500 and finer scratches, 3M Perfect-It Gelcoat Light Cutting Polish & Wax is the perfect solution for light or dark coloured gel coat.

3M Perfect-It Gelcoat Light Cutting Polish & Waxs improved the formula with longer wet times offering easier clean up, less dust and more efficient use, even in warm climates.

Specifically formulated for boats, caravans and industrial gel coats.

3M Perfect-It Gelcoat Light Cutting Polish &Wax is ideal for one-step processes.

Use whenever you want a durable wax finish.


Boat wax & cleaner suitable for fiberglass repair, gel coat restoration and general boat detailing.

Removes lighter oxidation, rust, corrosion, chalking, fading, scratches and exhaust stains.

Provides shine and a protective coating on fiberglass, gelcoat, metal and topside paints.

One step process - cleans and helps protect against sunlight, salt water and pollutants.

3m Perfect It Gelcoat Finishing System How to Use & Choose Demonstration Video



The full series of 3M products created specifically for gelcoat includes

1: 3M Perfect‐It Boat Wash

2: 3M Perfect‐It Medium Cutting Compound + Wax

3: 3M Perfect‐It Light Cutting Polish + Wax

4: 3M Perfect‐It Boat Wax, this range of products is ideal for achieving professional grade gelcoat finishes for automotive, boats, RVs and industrial applications.

There is also the 3M Perfect-It Heavy cutting Compound for surfaces that need more work.

Full Range of 3m Marine Polishing Products

Option Text 473ml
Reference Code 3M-36109E

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