3M Perfect-it Fast Cut Compound 1 Litre 09374

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3M Perfect-it Fast Cut III Compound 1 Litre

MPN 09374

Barcod: 5010027797994

3m Perfect-it fast cutting compound can be used to quickly remove wet and dry scratches from gel coat as well as surface oxidation on marine two pack paint systems.

Follow with 3M Finesse-It III Finishing Material for a clean and high gloss finish.

Achieves excellent results every time.

Offering fast and effective action, this product is the ultimate tool when it comes to removing unsightly scratches that can otherwise damage the appearance of a vehicle.

It works hard to achieve a fine, high gloss finish on both fresh and aged paintwork, so is suitable for use in a number of processes to deliver a perfect, good-as-new finish.

For even better results, team up with 3M Finesse-it Finishing Material Easy Clean Up, which rapidly achieves a deep shine and is quick and easy to apply and clean up.

The 3M Perfect-It Range has been designed to enable virtually any paint defect rectification work to be carried out with ease and confidence.

This particular cutting compound will not only remove any unwanted marks but will also leave cars looking like they've just left the showroom.

Favored by car enthusiasts all over the world, this product is highly recommended for achieving the ultimate blemish-free, high gloss finish.

For Professional Use.

Contents 1kg

Take a Look at the all NEW Gelcoat Cutting Polishing Waxing system

3m Perfect It Gelcoat Finishing System How to Use and Choose Demonstration Video

The full series of 3M products created specifically for gelcoat includes

1: 3M Perfect It Boat Wash

2: 3M Perfect It Medium Cutting Compound + Wax

3: 3M Perfect It Light Cutting Polish + Wax

4: 3M Perfect It Boat Wax, this range of products is ideal for achieving professional grade gel coat finishes for automotive, boats, RVs and industrial applications.

Full Range of 3m Marine Polishing Products

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