If you're looking for quality equipment to add to your arsenal, look no further than our online selection of Zarges ladders. Recognised within the industry for their quality designs, this small but flourishing company has swiftly become the brand of choice for many professional tradesmen. Sealants & Tools Direct brings you a selection of their best products, at prices you can afford and in quantities to suit your business needs too.

Browse and shop online to find the right Zarges ladder here today. Discover telescopic adjustable ladders that offer rung-by-rung height adjustment. With soft close retraction systems and a compact closed length, they are the ideal option for tradesmen who find themselves moving from job to job. We also stock more industrial-grade ladders from the brand, including their telescopic scaffold tower. Easy to transport and store, it is a safer and more efficient option than fixed scaffolding and meets the current requirements for the Work at Height Regulations of 2005. With the safety and security of all users in mind, these ladders are available to make it easier to work at elevated heights with confidence.

One of our key focuses here at Sealants & Tools Direct is to make sure our customers have access to the right products at their fingertips. We have an experienced team on hand who are available to help you identify the best solutions. If you have any questions, cannot find the ladder you're looking for or need to speak to one of us, please do get in contact here today.

Zarges 2.9m Soft Close Telescopic Work Adjustable Ladder 100599

Zarges 2.9m Soft Close Telescopic Work Adjustable Ladder 100599

£268.80 £105.50 £126.60 Inc. VAT

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