Pressure Washers

Shift dirt and grime easily from a range of surfaces with the help of the right Pressure Washer. Ideal for all manner of household and professional tasks, these essential tools are vital to many people's everyday work. From washing the car through to cleaning away mud from patios and refreshing up old furniture, there's nothing they can't do. And, as opposed to general cleaning, they also allow you to work swiftly and without downtime.

Browse and shop online for our selection of pressure washers. We have options from industry leaders who have paved the way in this form of washing. The Karcher pressure washer is the ideal choice for professionals and homeowners alike - people who are looking for an exceptional clean. Suitable for car detailing and removing unsightly grime from patios, it also comes with a range of attachments and chemicals to help you get the best results. We also stock more budget-conscious options, such as those from Silverline, that promise the same high-quality service with a compact design. Easy to transport around the home and to projects further afield, it has an auto-stop feature for safety and a variety of dispenser nozzles to suit each project.

We have a highly informed and experienced team on hand to support you here at Sealants & Tools Direct. If you have any questions, cannot find the item you're looking for, or need to speak to one of us about the item you're looking to purchase, please do get in contact with us here today.

Karcher K2.850 Pressure Washer and Patio Cleaner KARK2850 PLUS

Karcher K2.850 Pressure Washer and Patio Cleaner KARK2850 PLUS

£238.34 £107.77 £129.32  Inc. VAT