Silverline Stainless Steel Rule Ruler 150mm 300mm 600mm 900mm

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Silverline Stainless Steel Rule Ruler 4 Size Choices

Options: 150mm 300mm 600mm 900mm

Precision stainless steel rule with clear photo etched markings.

Made from premium stainless hardened steel.

These are Industrial hand Rule's and can be used to measure accurately or mark and scribe down the surface and can even be used to cut along in craft type applications carefully.

Has both Metric and imperial graduations:

0.5mm 1mm and 1cm metric

1/2 inch 1/4 inch 1/8 inch 1/16 inch 1/32 inch and 1/66 inch imperial.

Available Sizes and Codes:

150mm 6 inch MT65

300mm 12 inch MT66

600mm 24 inch MT68

900mm 36 inch MT69

A bit about rule or ruler.

Generally a rule and a ruler are different

A rule usually measures straight from its left edge, these are this type

A ruler starts its measurement a little way in from the left edge

Take a look at the complete range of Measuring products.

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Option Text 150mm, 300mm, 600mm, 900mm
Reference Code MT65

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