Soudal Fix ALL TURBO GREY Super Fast High Grab Adhesive Sealant

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Soudal Fix ALL TURBOSuper Fast High Grab Adhesive & Sealant

Product Option:146506


Colour Option:Grey


Grey Colour Hybrid polymer 20minmounting super fast highstrength

adhesive & Sealant

Other Availablecolours:

Turbo White

Turbo Black

Soudal Fix ALL Super fast curing adhesivewith exceptional final bond strength.

Based on SMX Polymer Technology,

Turbo has rapid strength build-up after only20 minutes.

Final bond strength achieved in 3hours.

For all bonding applications where adhesivestrength build up speed is highly critical

or important.

Heavy duty bonding in all weatherconditions, on most surfaces.

Suitable for bonding porous (i.e. naturalstone) and non porous surfaces.

For all types of bonding applications, ontoall types of surfaces,

even wet or humid non-poroussurfaces.

Virtually odourless interior and exteriorapplications.

Can be painted with water basedpaint.

All weather use good weatherand UV resistance.

Does not contain isocyanatesand no silicones.


Quickly manipulable and very fastbuild-upof strength with thin adhesivelayer

and on poroussubstrates

Very high final strength

Good extrudability

Good adhesionto most common substrates, even on slightly wet substrates

Permanently elasticafter curing

Can be painted with water basedsystems

Good weather and UV resistance

Take a look at the video to see justhow good it is.

Soudal Fix All Sealants and AdhesivesWhich Ones Right For Your Job

Excellent adhesion to most surfacesincluding:

Bonding natural stone, Metals, most plastics,glass, concrete, plaster,

plasterboard, Polystyrene, Perspex, glass, wood, enamel,Fiberglass,

painted surfaces & Many More.

ALL materials, ALL surfaces (except on PE, PPand PTFE)

Fixall Turbo Uses:

Anywhere that a Seal or bond isrequired.

Bonding in buildingand metal industry.

Elastic bondingof panels, profiles and other pieces on the most common substrates

Elastic structural bondingin car and container industry.

Good weather and UV resistance.

A high quality nail replacement adhesive, evento damp surfaces.

Elastic bonding ofpanels, profiles and other pieces on the most commonsubstrates

(wood, MDF, chipboard, etc).

Fix ALL Turbo can beused for bondingof natural stone, but it cannot beused

as a joint sealant on this type of surface.

Fix ALL Turbo cantherefore only be used on thebottom of natural stone tiles

as an adhesive.

Can not be used as a glazingsealant.

Option Colour Grey
Reference Code 146506
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