Soudal Color Ral Colour Coloured Premium Silicone Sealant

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Soudal Color Ral Coloured Silicone Sealant Colour

Silirub Color Ral Colour is a high-quality, neutral cure elastic one-component joint silicone sealant based on oxime silicones.

Been specially developed for colour matched sealing based on the RAL Colour System.

Main Characteristics

Easy application

Permanent colour, UV-resistant

Stays elastic after curing

Very good adhesion on most surfaces

Low modulus oxime

High gloss finish

Internal and external applications

Contains a powerful anti fungal compound to prevent mould growth.

    Typical Applications:

    Frame sealant and for building and construction joints which require a colour matched sealant

    The sealing of glazing works on powder coated aluminium, ceramic, PVC, painted wood, metal, brickwork, concrete etc.

    Joints with high movement between different building materials

    Exceptional bonding strength to porous brick and block wood etc and non porous surfaces such as ceramic tiles and glass.

    Areas of high humidity Bathrooms, Showers, Wet room, Kitchen

    Adhesive for cosmetic trims in sanitary applications

    Gives good adhesion around internal window and door frames to emulsion surfaces.

    Gives good adhesion around internal window frames to emulsion surfaces.

    Ral Colours Currently Available in the Soudal Color Brand

    Ral 1002 Sand Yellow, Ral 1013 Oyster White, Ral 1015 Light Ivory, Ral 3004 Purple Red, Ral 3005 Wine Red, Ral 3007 Black Red, Ral 3020 Traffic Red,

    Ral 5002 Ultra Marine Blue, Ral 5010 Genitian Blue, Ral 5011 Steel Blue, Ral 6005 Moss Green, Ral 6009 Fire Green, Ral 6022 Olive Drab, Ral 7006 Beige Grey,

    Ral 7011 Iron Grey, Ral 7012 Basalt Grey, Ral 7015 Slate Grey, Ral 7016 Anthracite Grey, Ral 7021 Black Grey, Ral 7022 Umber Grey, Ral 7030 Stone Grey,

    Ral 7032 Pebble Grey, Ral 7035 Light Grey, Ral 7039 Quartz Grey, Ral 8003 Clay Brown, Ral 8014 Sepia Brown, Ral 8017 Chocolate Brown, Ral 9001 Pure White,

    Ral 9006 White Aluminium, Ral 9007 Grey Aluminium, Ral 9010 Pure White, Ral 3011 Brown Red, Ral 7038 Agate Grey, Ral 5003 Sapphire Blue,

    Ral 7044 Silk Grey, Ral 1011 Brown Beige, Ral 6003 Olive Green, Ral 7031 Blue Grey, Ral 7043 Traffic Grey B, Ral 7045 Telegrey 1, Ral 7013 Brown Grey,

    Ral 8001 Ochre Brown, Ral 6015 Black Olive, Ral 6010 Grass Green, Ral 1003 Signal Yellow, Ral 6001 Emerald Green, Ral 7005 Mouse Grey,

    Ral 6019 Pastel Green, Ral 7006 Beige Grey, Ral 5021 Water Blue, Ral 6006 Grey Olive, Ral 7023 Concrete Grey, Ral 7040 Window Grey, Ral 3000 Flame Red,

    Ral 7024 Graphite Grey, Ral 8019 Grey Brown, Ral 7001 Silver Grey, Ral 6028 Pine Green. Ral 8022 Black Brown, Ral 7003 Moss Grey, Ral 8007 Fawn Brown,

    Ral 9002 Grey White, Ral 6000 Patina Green, Ral 7004 Signal Grey, Ral 5018 Turquoise Blue, Ral 1019 Grey Beige, Ral 1023 Traffic Yellow, Ral 2000 Yellow Orange,

    Ral 5014 Pidgeon Blue, Ral 6021 Pale Green, Ral 7047 Telegrey 4, Ral 9016 Traffic White, Ral 5017 Traffic Blue, Ral 7002 Olive Grey, Ral 7034 Yellow Grey,

    Ral 7037 Dusty Grey, Ral 7046 Telegrey 2, Ral 9004 Signal Black, Ral 9005 Jet Black, Ral 6004 Blue Green, Ral 1004 Golden Yellow,

    Ral 9003 Signal White, Ral 1024 Ochre Yellow, Ral 6027 Light Green Blue, Ral 1020 Olive Yellow,

    Below is the Soudal Ral Chart all of the below colours are stock items.

    if you do not see the Ral Colour you require please ask as we can have made to order most RAL colours that you will find on a standard ral colour card there would be a minimum quantity for this service.

    Ral Coloured Sealant

    Soudal Ral Colour Chart


    Please note that these colour swatches are for guidance only

    Colours will vary in depth from screen to screen.

    We have Ral Colour Cards fo rsale

    K7 Classic Ral Colour Card

    New Ral Colours Coming in the Soudal Range in the Very Near Future.

    Ral 5005 Signal Blue,

    Ral 5026 Pear Night Blue,

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