Silverline Flat Pry Nail Bar 300mm PC58

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Silverline Flat Pry and Nail Bar 12 inch 300mm

Code: PC58

Barcode: 5024763014536

12 inch hardened carbon steel pry bar a useful addition to any tool kit for the professionals or home handyman, this versatile bars enables a wide range of light duty levering work to be performed in and around the site or home.

The flat bars have bevelled ends designed for such tasks as opening boxes, crates and manhole covers, pry trim bar, nail puller, Chisel ends the perfect bar for removing architrave etc

Hardened and tempered steel bar and powder-coated.

Ground claw and chisel end.

This wide bar spreads the load reducing damage to the underlying surface when prying trim from door frames etc.

Used for opening crates lifting floorboards doors and windows to height when fitting.

Angled chisel end for leverage and claw with integrated nail puller.

Can be used for soft demolition work removing trims and boards.

For heavy demolition use a wrecking bar.

Approximate Size

12 inch 300mm

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