Sika Silicone & Sealant Tooling Liquid Finishing Smoothing Agent N

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Sika Tooling Silicone& Sealant Smoothing Liquid Finishing Agent N 1Litre

Product Option:SA-TAGENT-1L



Sika Tooling Agent N is water based, solventfree tooling agent used for

Sikaflex and also a wide range of other makesand forms of adhesive silicone and sealant products.



Non-aggressive to skin

Does not attack paints (evenwater-based)

No washing-out or etching of freshly appliedsealants or adhesives.

Method of Application:

To smooth the surface of freshly appliedSikaflex and other brand adhesives

and sealants.

In tested cases, Sika Tooling Agent has shownnot to affect paint finishes.

However, in important cases, we recommend apre-test in order to evaluate the compatibility, especially withfresh and or water-based paints.

This product is suitable for professionalexperienced users

Test with actual substrates and conditions tobe performed to ensure material compatibility.

Sika Tooling Agent N may be sprayed directly onthe surface after applying sealant then tooled with a smoothingtool.

Another type of application is to smooth thesurface with a tool previously immersed in Sika ToolingLiquid.

Reseal container tightly immediately afteruse.


Sika Tooling Agent N contains a small amount ofwater-soluble polymers which remain on the surface.

This can be easily removed withwater.

Therefore in case of overpainting the smoothedsealant we recommend rinsing the surface with water this can alsobe done immediately after the smoothing operation, using a lowpressure spray.

Reference Code SA-TAGENT-1L

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