Self Cleaing Glass Sealant

To help minimise the need for excessive maintenance, shop for the right self-cleaning glass sealant here today. Blending leading brands with formulations that are proven to work, you can find the right option to fit your project. We make sure that all of our products are of the highest quality and offered at cost-effective prices that sit easily within your budget. So you can focus on the job at hand every single time.

Shop online here for our selection of self-cleaning glass sealants today. These products are ideal for waterproof sealing many self-cleaning glasses or in environments where high movement is expected. They have specialist formulas that withstand increased temperatures and excess UV exposure and can be used with hydrophilic and photocatalytic glass too. You can also use these products to create a strong adhesion with materials like aluminium, metal and both painted and unpainted wood. And, with an odourless blend, they can be used and left to set in smaller, less ventilated areas without the added risk to health. In our online range, we stock both standard white and coloured solutions alongside the option to purchase single cartridges or bulk trade multi-packs of 6 or 12.

Sealants and Tools Direct bring you brands you can trust, including Dow Corning Dowsil. We also have a specialist team on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have. If you have questions, cannot find the item you're looking for or need to speak to one of us, please do get in contact here today.