Cox Easiflow HD Pro Sealant Mastic Applicator Gun 400ml

Brand: Cox Guns
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Cox Easiflow HD Pro Sealant Gun 400ml

MPN 3282368

Barcode: 5011107589027

Pro Sealant Gun 10 inch 400ml Skeleton Gun.

Suitable for decorators window fitters on a daily basis.

Manual cartridge applicator.

take up to 400ml cartridges.

7:1 trigger ratio.

Welded steel, epoxy-coated frame.

Zinc coated corrosion resistant sliding components.

Makes perfect decorators caulk gun.

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Manufacturer Cox
Reference Code 3282368
Type Window Fitters HD Pro Sealant Gun
Size 400ml
Enter joint dimensions below to estimate number of cartridges required
The estimated amount of sealant required based on your input is:

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