Polycarbonate & Plastic Sealant

Our selection of polycarbonate and plastic sealant products are designed to help you complete your job with ease. Bringing together leading names within the industry and a range of versatile solutions, we aim to support both professional and DIY handymen alike. At Sealant and Tools Direct, our focus is always around providing cost-effective products that are easy to apply and give you the high-performance finish needed in any environment. That's exactly what you'll find here today.

Browse and shop in our online store for the right polycarbonate or plastic sealant for your needs. With fluctuations in temperature leading to expansion and contraction on plastic and polycarbonate products, the sealant requirements here are very specific. Solutions by brands such as Dow Corning and Everbuild are designed to help with just this, offering high adhesion and permanent flexibility. Once applied, they create a weather-tight, rubber-like seal with fungicide formulations to prevent mould growth. Many of our sealants are available in various colours to fit the decor and can be easily applied with a sealant gun. We provide them in single cartridges or multi-pack boxes of 12 or 25 to fit your requirements exactly. So no matter whether you've got a large project ahead of you or a small repair job, we've got you covered.

Our professional team has years of experience and knowledge from the building industry. If you have any questions about the polycarbonate or plastic sealants available in our online store, please do get in contact here today.