SIKA Sikaflex 11FC All in One Adhesive Sealant 300ml Box of 12

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Trade Option Box of 12

SIKA Sikaflex 11FC All in One AdhesiveS ealant

Available in 4 colours

Discounted Trade Option: Multipurpose all in one elastic sealant and bonding adhesive Seals, Bonds and adheres to a wide range of substrates with new I Cure Technology Fast Curing and permanently Elastic. Resistant to shock vibration and temperature change. High durability high abrasion and tear resistance and can be painted over with many paint types, always test prior to full use.

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Used for:

Waterproofing, Assembling metal framed buildings.

In Automotive applications Caravans Motor homes trailers etc.

Installing acoustic ceiling tiles.

On wood metal and plastic window and door frames.

Sealing joints in concrete stone quarry floor tiles.

Sealing & bonding joints in roofing and guttering applications.

Joints in containers water tanks and certified for use in contact with portable water.

Excellent for pick resistance applications schools, shops, prisons etc.

Joints in bolted lap applications.

Sealing ducting and cabling Penetrations.

Typical Surfaces:

Sanitary ware





Fibre Cement








Some polyesters

11FC+ Information Sheets:

SIKA Uk Technical Datasheet

Sika Sikaflex 11FC+ Technical Data Sheet

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Option Colour Grey White Black Brown
Option Text Box of 12
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Sikaflex_11FC_Polyurethane_Sealant_Adhesive_Technical_Datasheet.pdf Download Attachment
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