Everbuild All Weather Mate Sealant Adhesive WeatherMate Box of 25

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Trade Option Box of 25

Everbuild Everflex All Weather Mate Gap Filling Sealant and Adhesive WeatherMate

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Description Benefits and Areas of Use:

Discount Trade Option Box of 25 Everbuild Weather Mate can be used in conjunction with Bitumen Asphalt Tarmac a multi-use sealant and adhesive that can be applied in wet weather

Everbuild Everflex Weather Mate, Gap Filler and Adhesive is a advanced isocrylic formula that can be applied in wet weather and to wet surfaces while remaining permanently flexible. Everflex Weather Mate is intended for external use only, and it can be over-painted with most paints and wood stains when cured. Everflex Weather Mate also adheres to most common surfaces and is available in clear, black or white.

Everflex Weather Mate is ideal for all roofline applications, and for use with lead, bitumen and galvanised steel. Everflex Weather Mate is also great for sealing around flashing, gutters, downpipes and corrugated roofing. It is ideal for perimeter pointing to all window and door frames and all external weather sealing applications and for sealing between metal, composite roof, wall panels and for remedial sealing over all other sealant, old putties, mastics and industrial metal panel sealing.

Main Points:

Sticks to wet surfaces

Ideal for use with lead bitumen & galvanised steel

Sealing around flashing, gutters, downpipes and corrugated roofing

Perimeter pointing to all window & door frames

All external weathersealing applications

Sealing between metal & composite roof & wall panels

Remedial sealing over all other sealant

Old putties mastics & industrial metal panel sealing

Permanently flexible

Intended for external use

Can be overpainted with most paints and woodstains when cured

Adheres to most common surfaces

Resists all weather conditions

All roofline applications


Do not use in aquarium manufacture

Do not use in any food preparation areas.

Do not use on joints likely to exceed 25% movement

Weathermate Official Data Sheets:

Everbuild Weather Mate Technical Data Sheet

Everbuild Weather Mate Safety Data Sheet

Everbuild Sealant Colour Card

Manufacturer Everbuild Weather Mate Product page

All Weather Wet or Dry Sealant Adhesives

Option Colour Black Clear White
Option Text Box of 25
Reference Code WEA-25
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Everbuild Weather Mate Everflex Colour Card Download Attachment
Everbuild Weather Mate Everflex Safety Data Sheet Download Attachment
Everbuild Weather Mate Technical Instructions Data Sheet Download Attachment
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