Everbuild Everflex AC50 Acoustic Sealant Adhesive White 900ml Box AC50900

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Trade Option Box of 9

Everbuild Everflex AC50 White Adhesive Sealant  Jumbo 900ml

Option Code: AC50900-9

Barcode: 5029347600112


High strength permanently flexible acoustic barrier sealant and adhesive used for sealing and bonding plasterboard and other kraft lined insulation boards to common substrates.

AC50 Benefits:

Bulk 900ml Large Bulk Tube

Permanently flexible high grab

Adheres to most surfaces

Mould resistant

Non flammable


Easy clean up

AC50 Uses:

Forms an acoustic barrier by sealing gaps between plaster board walls,

floors and ceilings and in dry lining applications.

As an adhesive to bond plasterboard toplasterboard, wood and metal

studding and direct to block work.

For sealing and bonding most other Kraft lined insulation boards.

Please note this product needs a Jumbo sealant gun to Dispense this product, alternative c4 size also available.

Everbuild Data Sheets:

Everbuild AC50 Technical Data Sheet

Everbuild AC50 MSDS Safety Data Sheet

AC50 Declaration of Performance

AC50 Product Page

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Option Colour white
Option Text box of 9 - 900ml
Reference Code AC50900-9
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Everbuild AC50 Acoustic Sealant Adhesive Safety Data Sheet Download Attachment
Everbuild AC50 Acoustic Sealant Adhesive Technical Data Sheet Download Attachment
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