Dow Corning Dowsil 796 Silicone Sealant Coloured PVC-U Wood Aluminium

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Dow Corning Dowsil 796 LM Silicone Sealant Coloured PVC-U Wood and Aluminium

Now includes the new colour Oak Ral 8000

Dow Corning Dowsil 796 Neutral Curing low modulus silicone sealant developed for sealing between Wood Aluminium PVC-U door frames & window frames.

Neutral Silicone sealant so ok to be used up against sealed glass window units.

Adheres to most common Pourus and non-pourus construction substrates.

Can be used on Pre finished laminate floors.

Product Benefits:

Neutral Cure Type System with a 20 to 30 minutes working time and Tack free in 2 hours and no slumping.

Application Temperature's + 5 to + 40 Deg C and + or - 25% Joint movement capability.

ISO 11600 F & G 25LM

Dow Corning Dowsil 796 Single Tube Colours:

4001876 - Anthracite

3320316 - Black

3279677 - Brilliant White

3308626 - Brown

3308642 - Bronze

3322344 - Caramel

4053127 - Golden Oak

3308669 - Oak Ral 8000

3320308 - Grey

3279723 - Mahogany

4193633 - Rosewood

3322351 - Warm White


Not designed to be painted or stained after use.

Dow Corning now Dow Dowsil Demonstartion Video

Dow Dowsil Construction and Frame Sealant

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Group Code 796
Option Colour Anthracite, Black, Grey, Brown, Bronze, Brilliant White, Warm White, Mahogany, Rosewood, Caramel, Golden Oak, Oak Ral 8000,
Option Text 310ml
Reference Code 796
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