Everbuild Tecnic Hybriflex 55 Auto & Building Adhesive White Box 12 FPHYB55WE

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Everbuild TecnicHybriflex 55 White

Automotive & BuildingAdhesive Sealant Box of 12



Everbuild Tecnic HYBRIFLEX 55 White is a onepart, neutral cure,

hybrid polymer based adhesive &sealant

Adheres to most common buildingsubstrates.

Used for general bonding and sealing inindustry, engineering,

construction, automotive, marine and O.E.Mmarkets.

Hybriflex 55Benefits:

High bond strength.

Permanently Flexible.

Over paintable with most common painttypes.

Can be applied to wet surfaces.

Chemical resistant to acids alkalis, petroletc

Excellent initial grab properties.

Neutral cure system,

Silicone halogen & Isocyanate free.

Recommended For:

Bonding and sealing in constructionjoints.

Automotive seam sealing and bonding. Jointingcladding panels.

Internal/external pointing of window and doorframes.

For expansion joints in brick, stone andconcrete.

Parapet and roofline sealing.

Weather sealing in most externalapplications.


HYBRIFLEX 55 has excellent primerless adhesionto most common

building substrates.

When overpainting, a compatibility test shouldbe carried out prior to

full application.

Neutral cure system, silicone, halogen andIsocyanate free.

Available to Order:

Colour Grey pallet of 60 Boxes

Everbuild TecnicDatasheets:

Sika Everbuild Tecnic Colour Card

Everbuild Tecnic Hybriflex 55 Technical DataSheet

Everbuild Tecnic Hybriflex 55 Safety DataSheet

Everbuild Hybriflex 55 TecnicProduct Page

Option Colour White
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