Bostik Simson MSR Marine Construction Adhesive Sealant Black

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Bostik Simson MSR Marine Construction Adhesive Sealant Black

Product Option: BF-MSR-CA-290B

Barcode: 3549212473334

Simson MSR Construction Adhesive a Permanently elastic and fast curing Marine grade construction adhesive and sealant.

Simson MSR has been specially developed for bonding and sealing applications in the yacht and boating industry, also suitable for use in the caravan and motor home industry.

Typical uses include bonding and sealing in nautical applications where adhesion and deform ability have to comply to extreme requirements.

MSR construction adhesive has been tested and certified to the international maritime organisation fire test procedures and approved for use in and is improved for use in walls and floor, Adheres to most surfaces including aluminium, stainless steel, galvanised steel, zinc, copper, brass, powder coated surfaces, most lacquered surfaces, glass, polyester and grp.

MSR Applications:

Bonding and sealing

Push borders

Deck fittings

Deck coverings

Deck sheets

Deck hull connections

Hatches, portholes and bollards

Bedding compound when ever a higher initial strength is required.

MSR Features:

Solvent and isocyanate free

Very good UV-resistance and ageing properties

Long-time resistance to fresh and salt water

Good adhesion on commonly used materials without a primer

Neutral, odorless and fast curing

paint compatible with most industrial coatings and paint systems

Can be sanded after curing


Will not stick to polyethylene, polypropylene and Teflon.

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Option Colour BLACK
Option Text 290ml
Reference Code BF-MSR-CA-290B
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