Scan Professional Gel Knee Pad Protector Kneepads 2SEA29

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Scan Professional Gel Knee Pad Comfort Protector Kneepads SCAPPEKPGEL

Option: 2SEA29

Barcode: 5023969273112

SCAPPEKPGEL Kneepads are an essential for anyone who have to spend periods of time working on their knees.

Scan Professional Gel Kneepads are top of the range, made using 13mm thick high-density cell foam with an Ultra comfort gel inner pad for increased comfort in use.

Typical applications include kneeling on uneven surfaces, laminate flooring, roofing work, concrete and laying patios etc.

These types of pads are particularly suitable for tilers who can create shards of sharp ceramics in there working area.

Specification and Main Points

  • 13mm - 1/2 inch high density cell foam
  • Ultra comfort gel inner pad
  • Large caps are over sized for more protective coverage against sharp objects
  • Lower strap secures below the knee for all day comfort
  • Breathable strap with Velcro to help prevent sweating
  • Elasticated and adjustable upper strap and quick clip buckle

They feature oversize caps - which give added protective coverage to the knee and have 2 adjustable fastening straps for added comfort and security.

The lower strap is a fully adjustable neoprene strap with a hook and loop fastening and it secures below the knee for all-day comfort.

The top strap is elasticated and fully adjustable via means of a quick clip buckle.

Hand & Knee protection

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