Sanding Carbide Mesh

Our Sanding Carbide Mesh collection has everything you need to prepare a surface for work. Ideal for both professional and amateur craftsmen, we work hard at Sealant & Tool’s to bring you exactly what you need. With a focus on cost-effective pricing and leading brands, you'll discover quality, reliable and long-lasting tools to add to your kit here today.

Browse our range of sanding carbide mesh here today. Coated with silicon carbide grain on both sides, this versatile tool is ideal for grinding and removing cutting filings. It removes rough materials quicker than aluminium oxide and can be used on a variety of surfaces, including wood, plastic, and metal. Use to remove rust or paint, or to sand down between coats when finished. Carbide mesh is also suitable for use on drywalls when creating smooth joints. In addition, many of our customers use it to polish and refine floors - a job it is ideally suited for due to its grinding efficiency grade 2. Available in a variety of grits from 60 - 100, our 5-meter rolls can be cut to size and used as required. They are double-sided, extended the lifespan of your roll, and are compact enough to be transported to the desired location.

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