Roughneck Wide Mouth Tool Bag 16 inch Toolbag 90-516

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Roughneck Wide MouthTool Bag 16 inch Toolbag

Deals Unlocked: RNKWMTB16

RoughneckCode: 90-516

Barcode: 3253561757778

Product Description:

40cm 16-inch Wide Mouth Roughneck Toolbag has been specially developed

and designed by Roughneck to accommodate a large selection of essential tools.

This robust tool bag is both lightweight and hard-wearing.

Demonstration Video of the Roughneck 16inch Tool-bag:

The zip design allows the mouth to open to the full width of the bag, enabling a quick and easy selection of the tool you require.

It has numerous pockets and compartments both inside and outside along with a waterproof reinforced plastic base.

Ideal for the storage of multiple tools and designed to withstand heavy use every day in the workplace or onsite.

Roughneck Wide MouthTool Bag 16 inch Toolbag
Reference Code 90-516 RNKWMTB16

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