Roughneck 38-010 Turbo Ratchet Speed G Clamp 150mm ROU38010

Brand: Roughneck
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Roughneck One Handed Turbo Ratchet Speed G Clamp 150mm ROU38010

MPN: 38-010

Barcode: 0025997380102

1 x One handed clamp 

The Roughneck Turbo Speed Clamp is a clamp that can be operated with just one hand and works in a similar way to that of a mastic or skeleton gun.

150mm / 6 inch Gripping Capacity with single handed operation.

Plastic swivel pad for work piece protection.

Specification and Main Points

  • 600 Nm clamping force
  • 6 inch capacity
  • Quick push lever release
  • Soft jaw pads to reduce damage
  • One handed fast operation
  • Plastic swivel pad for workpiece protection

The fixed part of the frame has a rigid plastic pad and on the end of the clamping bar is a similar pad that has the ability to move a little this is of

great benefit when clamping an item that may not be parallel or has an angle such as an architrave.

To clamp, simply squeeze the black trigger until the desired pressure is achieved.

To release, simply push the silver lever at the back of the frame and pull the sliding bar back.

Demonstration Video Roughneck One Handed G Clamp

Reference Code 38-010
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