Rhino Oil Filled Economical Radiator 3 Heat Settings Heater H02241

Brand: Rhino
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Rhino Oil Filled Radiator 3 Heat Settings 2kW Heater 

Model H02241

Barcode 5055056969394

H02241 Premium Rhino oil filled radiator with 3 heat settings 600 watt 900 watt and 1500 watt this unit also has a timer and by using the heat settings and timer you can save on electricity.

Oil filled radiators give a good level of heat for the amount of electricity used, the heater is brought upto temperature and the heating element then switches off only to come on for short spells to maintain the level of heat, this is what makes these heaters more affordable to run in comparrison to a fan style heater which is more suitable for local heat not heating a room.

  • These compact, oil filled radiators have an off white durable finish thats easy to clean or dust.
  • Portable free standing.
  • The fins are reasonably spaced to aid in cleaning.
  • The radiator has 3 heat settings 600W, 900W and 1500W, and timer.
  • They are also silent running as have no moving parts.
  • Features thermostat control and overheat protection.
  • 4 castors allow easy transportation.
  • Built-in cable storage for the cable when not in use.
  • 9 x fins 145 x 580mm.
  • Weight of 12.1kg.

Oil filled radiators are a practical and low cost heating solution thats also reasonable to look at, oil heaters retain and radiate heat even when they're switched off so they use less energy to produce the heat.

Manufacturer Rhino
Model H02241
Voltage 230 volt
Wattage 2kw 600w 900w 1500w
Colour Off White