Random Orbit Sander Sanding Pad Discs 125mm 120 Grit 10pk - 745891

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Random Orbit Sander Round Sanding Hook Loop Pad Discs

Product Option: 125mm 120 Grit 10pk

MPN: 745891

Barcode: 5024763125836

Product Description:

125mm 120g Non-Perforated Round Aluminium Oxide Sand Paper.

For use with 125mm sander polishers.

Hook and loop backing for quick fitting.

You can extend the life of your discs by using a sanding disc cleaning block this removes clogging simply and efficiently.

Grit Guide 60 grit is a coarser abrasive 240 grit is a finer abrasive.See all

Round Sanding Discs or browse the complete Abrasives and Glass Papers Range.

Option Text 120 Grit
Reference Code 745891

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