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Pozi Elite Wood Screws

Our online selection of Pozi Elite Wood Screws provides high-strength and reliable fixings in environments that need them the most. Each one has been manufactured to meet the needs of various applications, with a fast drive, anti-split design capable of penetrating 0.8mm steel. These fixings have swiftly become the option of choice when it comes to professional applications including many types of woodwork and carpentry. Here, you'll discover our online selection with various length screws available.Browse and shop online for strong and reliable screws you can trust. They feature recessed ribs which improve countersinking while also reducing the build-up of surface dust and jacking. These screws have a Non-Cr, Cr3+ yellow/zinc plated surface that is more environmentally friendly than other options, has been salt spray tested to 400 hours and helps them to last up to 6 times longer than standard alternatives. We stock these screws in various pack sizes with lengths from 12mm through to 240mm, depending on the job at hand. You'll also find very large multi-purpose packs with quantities up to 1200 which perfectly meet the needs of professional applications. So, whether you're building furniture or hanging something from a wooden surface, these specialist fixings are here to help.Here at Sealants & Tools Direct, we stock a wide range of fixings to suit a variety of jobs. If you cannot find the screw you're looking for, have a question or would like to speak to one of us, please do get in contact here today.