Marksman Aluminium Carpenters Roofing Square 180mm 55018C

Brand: Marksman
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Marksman Aluminium Carpenters and Roofers Square

Size 7 inch 180mm

Barcode 5038673550183

MPN 55018C

Marksman quick and easy to use aluminium roofing square also known as a layout or angle square.

Strong cast aluminium body with clear embossed imperial graduations.

Designed to provide carpenters with a quick and accurate way to mark out for many building projects.

Specification and Main Points

  • Size 180mm 7 inch
  • Lightweight Machined Alloy
  • Roofers easy angle transfer markings
  • T style square for latching onto the edge of a timber
  • Embosed markings

Widely used when constructing roof rafters.

The quick square is manufactured from Aluminiumand has graduations marked with degree measurements.

Helps to simplify material layout and timber cutting.

Reference Code 55018C

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