Lighthouse HEFOC500L Elite Focus Hand Torch 500 Lumen XMS23FOC500

Brand: Lighthouse Torches
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Lighthouse Elite Focusing Push Button Hand Held Torch with a massive 500 Lumens of Light

Real Deals For You Special Offer XMS23FOC500


Barcode 5023969004945

Real Deals For You Special offer XMS23FOC500 as seen on TV 1 x Lighthouse 500 Lumen output Elite Slide Focus Focusing Torch has 3 functions: high, low and strobe.

This torch is small and lightweight but provides a powerful bright beam of light for up to 170 metres

The torch is operated by a simple push button.

Features the very latest technology by incorporating a high quality LED provides a super bright beam.

LEDs are unsurpassed in both output and efficiency.

LEDs have a life span of over 100,000 hours and will provide a bright beam of light for up to 8 hours from one set of batteries.

The torch has an adjustable focus system, the focus is operated by a simple slide action as per 1st image.

With an aluminium body which is shock proof and rain resistant, and theres a handy wrist strap for added safety which could also be removed if required.


  • Brightness - on high 500 lumens - on low 170 lumens
  • Run Time - on high 1.5 hours - on low 8 hours
  • Beam Length - on high 170 meters - on low 80 meters
  • Light - high performance LED
  • Water Resistance - IP54
  • Impact Resistance - 1 meter
  • Approximate Weight - 102g + battery weight
  • Size - 120mm x 35mm and 28mm
  • Requires 3 x AAA batteries Supplied

Lighthouse Real Deals For You Special Offer XMS23FOC500 Demonstration Video

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Manufacturer Lighthouse
Reference Code L-HEFOC500L
Type Slide Focus Hand Torch
Option Text Real Deals For You Special XMS23FOC500
Special Features 500 Lumen
Colour Black Grey
Name Link
Lighthouse HEFOC500L Elite Focus Torch 500 Lumen XMS22FOCUS Information Sheet Download Attachment

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