Lighthouse AA Batteries Pack of 24 XMS23AABATS

Brand: Lighthouse Torches
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Lighthouse AA Batteries Pack of 24

Real Deals For You Special Offer XMS23AABATS


Barcode 5023969316208

Real Deals For You Special XMS23AABATS Lighthouse high performance alkaline batteries are designed to offer a high capacity for energy for hungry devices and offer a long storage life of up to 5 years.

Alkaline batteries last longer when used with higher current devices.

In some cases, alkaline batteries out perform zinc carbon products by up to 6x.

Alkaline batteries also have less risk of leaking.

    Great value 24 packs

      • High performance alkaline batteries
      • Holds power for up to 5 years in storage
      • Also Known As LR6 Alkaline Batteries

      Alkaline general purpose battery Ideal for

      • Remote Controls
      • Toys
      • Torches
      • Camera Equipment
      • clocks
      • Some smoke detector models
      • AA the most popular size of all batteries

      Manufacturer Lighthouse
      Reference Code L-HBATAA24
      Type AA Alkaline Batteries
      Size AA LR6
      Number of Parts Pack of 24
      Real Deals For You Code XMS23AABATS
      Name Link
      Lighthouse AA Batteries 24pk XMS22AABATS Information Sheet Download Attachment

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