Kingfisher Biodegradable Round Growing Peat Pot 3 inch 36pk PPOTSR

Brand: Kingfisher Garden
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Kingfisher Biodegradable Round Growing Peat Pot 3 inch 36 Pack


Barcode 5013478134899

Kingfisher 3 inch Biodegradable Round plant and seed growing peat pot.

The best start for seeds, seedlings and cuttings.

The pot can either be removed for planting or not.

No need to remove pot when planting out this means minimal root disturbance.

plant straight into the ground this method of planting in the biodegradable peat pot causes little or no shock to the young plants giving them the best possible start.

Peat pots grow stronger and healthier plants, the pot itself also absorbs moisture as well keeping the young plants more stable.

Approximate Size

80mm x 80mm x 75mm

All Manufacturers Plant Feed and fertiliser.

Manufacturer Kingfisher
Reference Code PPOTSR
Type Biodegradable Peat Pot
Size 3 inch - 80mm x 80mm x 75mm
Quantity 36 Pack
Colour Natural

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