Hultafors HDM Dry Marker Pen HRD-G Graphite Refills 650100

Brand: Hultafors
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Hultafors HDM Professional Quality Dry Marker Pen Pencil 650100

Code HRD-G

Barcode 7317846501114

These replacement graphite leads are for use in the Hultafors Dry-Marker.

The perfect companion for electricians, plumbers, carpenters many building jobs and more.

Smart container with 10 leads for marking on all types of surfaces. Hultafors Refill can be attached with a clip in the pocket or tool bag can be kept alongside the HDM marker.

The design of the container protects the leads during transport and only ejects one lead at a time.

The Hultafors Dry-Marker has a grip-friendly and ergonomic design thats supplied in a holster with a built-in sharpener for clear markings this can be used to sharpen to a fine tip these replacement leads

This is for the pack of 10 dry marker refils only the hultafors dry marker pen and holster are available separately.

All Measuring and Marking Tools

Manufacturer Hultafors
Reference Code HRD-G 650110
Type Professional Dry Marker graphite refills

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