Gorilla Glue Crystal Clear Int Ext Adhesive 50ml 1244001

Brand: Gorilla Glue
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Gorilla Glue CrystalClear Int Ext Adhesive 50ml


MPN: 1244001GRGGGCL50

Gorilla Multi Use Multi SurfaceClear Gorilla Glue anon-foaming,

flexible, fast setting, crystal clearGlue.

It creates a strong permanent adhesive bond butalso offers an extended working time, giving time toreposition work if required.

Can be painted with oil-based and sprayacrylic.

Stainable, but will require sanding.

Water-resistant can withstand intermittentexposures,

making it great for projects both inside andout.


Wood, stone, metal, ceramic, foam, glass andmuch more.

Demonstration Video of the CrystalClear Gorilla Glue

Reference Code 1244001
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