Geocel Marine Silicone Sealant 310ml Clear Black White Box of 12

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Trade Option Box of 12

Geocel Marine Premium Grade Silicone Sealant 310ml Cartridge

Colour Options: Clear Black White

Box of 12 Rubber Silicone Sealant the Ultimate Long Term Performer, Used for watertight sealing in marine and auto application where a top quality material is essential.

Flexible High performance silicone sealant, Geocel Marine has excellent long term durability and is high flexible and durable,

with high temperature accommodation  -55 deg C to 150 deg C.

Excellent resistance to salt water for external and internal Applications, sealing around hatches and port holes, insulating electrical connectors, locking nuts and bolts against vibration,

sealing trunking and pipework, in-situation gaskets for water pumps and exhaust systems, creating watertight joints throughout, smooth void free viscous paste.

Storage Life stored below 25 deg C

310ml cartridges - 27 months.

78g hand applicator 12 months.

Base Acetoxy silicone.

Available 310ml Colours:

Black - 2939215-12

Clear - 2939185-12

White - 2939193-12

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Reference Code Marine310-12
Option Text box of 12
Colour Black clear white
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Geocel Marine Sealant Technical Data Sheet Download Attachment
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