Geocel Aquaria Aquarium Silicone Sealant 78g CLEAR

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78g Hand Plunger.

Geocel Aquaria Aquarium Clear Silicone Sealant

MPN: 2939151

Barcode: 5011107570766

78g hand plunger aquarium repair silicone sealant ideal for repairing glass aquaria and assembling fittings and tank decorations.

Repair's cracks and seal's connections inside or outside the aquarium.

Made from the ground up as a fish safe Aquarium Sealant.

Safe for fish when once fully cured.

Cures to form a permanently flexible watertight seal.

One component, easy to apply and tool.

Excellent adhesion to glass.

High modulus.

Fast tack free and cure time.

Suitable for forming in place gaskets.

High gloss finish

Colour option:


If you have weak hands use the tube 25g version or the 310ml cartridge that need to be used in a sealant gun

Do's and dont's with sealing and repairing aquarium fish tanks.

Also Vivarium Terrarium tank construction:

Never use a sealant that's not been made for aquarium, poisoning of the fish will happen even later, some sealants may be fine until you use a treatment in the water that reacts with the sealant and dead fish.

Always wait for the sealant to dry completely and rinse the aquarium lots of time prior to use, if at all possible leave the fish tank full of water for a couple of days and empty again before refilling and using.

When creating a new tank for the first few weeks just use plants in the water and allow them to age the tank and water naturally.

Remember Rocks may change the PH of the water easy way to test this is put the rocks in a bowl or tank for a few days and check with a test kit to see if there are any changes.

Happy Fish keeping.

Should you have anymore information that would be good for our customers please email the details for the attention of Shaun

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Option Colour Transparent
Option Text 78g
Reference Code 2939151
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