Silverline Garden Floor Knee Kneeler Protector Pad 811502 70234C

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Silverline Garden Household Floor Knee Kneeler Protector Pad

Code: 811502 70234C

Barcode: 5024763063022

Comfortable kneeler protects knees while weeding planting or doing housework on hard floors

Lightweight and easy to carry made from dense water resistant 25mm thick closed foam.

Used typically for potting weeding and other tasks involving working on the ground this puts a lot of strain on your joints, so it's a good idea to use a garden kneeler, most garden kneelers are designed for outdoor tasks but they can also be handy for a huge variety of other jobs in and around the home.

Appoximate Dimensions 400mm x 180mm

May come in colours Green or Blue

A little bit more about knees the most common causes of knee pain are related to aging, injury or repeated stress on the knee, common knee problems include sprained or strained ligaments, cartilage tears, tendonitis and arthritis all of which are made much worse when actually kneeling, in fact kneeling repeatedly will cause issues later even if its not overly painfull at the time it also creates swelling in and around the knee.

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Option Colour Green or Blue
Option Text Alternative Barcode: 5038673702346
Reference Code 811502 70234C

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