Flow Ultra Extreme -16 Deg Screen Wash Concentrate 5 Litre SCREENX

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Flow Ultra Extreme -16 Deg All Weather Screen Wash Concentrate 5 Litre


Barcode 5065015010432

Flow All Seasons Ultra Screen Wash Concentrated 5 Litre screen-wash which effectively cleans windscreens with a non-smearing formula it has excellent anti freezing properties.

Cleans traffic film from windscreen, leaves no smear or glint cleans the glass effectively.

This premium - 16 Degree C formula has been developed with high quality alcohols to clear traffic film, dirt, insect deposits and leave a clean, smear free finish.

The concentrated Ultra formula can be diluted with water in the summer at a rate of 10 to 1 for normal winter time use 1 to 1 for severe cold weather use neat this gives a protection to - 16 Deg C.

Flow Ultra screen wash is suitable for all year round use.

The powerful formula melts ice and protects from freezing and has an intensive cleaning action, suitable for all year round use on all vehcle types.

The screen wash has a nice fragrance.

Flow All Seasons Concentrated Screen Wash is manufactured here in the UK.

The primary purpose of screen wash is to clean the windscreen of cars and other motor vehicles although water can do this it won't have the same effect, use proper screen wash it is formulated to remove the road grime, dead insects and dirt that windscreens get covered in, it also will not gum up the water bottle pump and jets like they would if you use washing up liquid. Flow Ultra has excellent winter weather freeze protection.

Manufacturer Flow Flowchem
Reference Code SCREENX
Type All Seasons Concentrated Screen Wash
Size 5 Litre
Special Features - 16 degree C anti freezing protection

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