Flow ADBLUE10 AdBlue Exhaust Fuel Treatment 10 litre Additive

Brand: Flow
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Flow AdBlue Exhaust Fuel Treatment Additive 10kg


Barcode: 5061029210455

FLOW AdBlue is a def diesel exhaust fluid which assists in reducing the harmful nitrogen-oxide emissions that are produced by diesel engines.

The introduction of this clever but simple chemical is to aid car manufacturers in combating the ever-stricter emission targets.

Flow Adblue ia a colourless non-toxic liquid AdBlue is fundamentally made up of a water and urea, in this instance, the urea is a remarkably pure, and of a much higher grade

than that commonly found in glue, fertilisers or cosmetics. the water that is used is de-mineralised, which is cleaner than what comes out of a regular tap.

Does your car need it?

Your car will only need AdBlue if it runs on diesel. secondly, the more recent your car has been manufactured, the more likely it is to require AdBlue.

Do not add Adblue direct to the fuel tank.

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Manufacturer FLOW
Reference Code ADBLU10
Type Adblue Car Van and Commercial Additive
Size 10 Litre

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