Faithfull Prestige Super Hatchet 14 inch Axe FAIAXE114PRE

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Faithfull Prestige Super Hatchet 14 inch Axe

Comes With a 10 Year Guarantee

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Faithfull Super Hatchet from Faithfulls Prestige range of premium tools

Combines the latest blade and handle technology to produce a hatchet that is light in weight but perfectly balanced.

Manufactured from forged steel, the head is hardened and tempered to provide a sharp cutting edge and utilizes an advanced convex blade geometry that

adds power to the cutting action and makes the blade easy to remove from wood.

The blade is moulded into a nylon fibre reinforced shatterproof handle which is inseparable in normal use and will help resist over strike damage.

A high power to weight ratio increases the swing speed and coupled with its convex blade design, help multiply its splitting action.

Demonstration Video of this very good and very strong hatchet:

Head and Storage Guard:

Comes complete with a head guard this has a moulded recess that the axe head fits neatly into, with a turn lock mechanism which secures the head in place, and a large handle for easy transportation which can also be used to hang the axe up, this keeps the axe safe during storage or transit and also protects the cutting edge so that it is always sharp and ready for use.

Comes with a 10 Year Manufacturer Guarantee.

Video on How to sharpen your axe using the Fiskars Sharpener

Video showing How to safely chop logs

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