Faithfull Diamond Sharpening Stone Wet or Dry Station FAIDWKIT

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Faithfull Diamond Sharpening Stone Wet or Dry Station


Barcode: 5023969305226

Product Description:

Quality Faithfull double sided diamond sharpening stone sharpening set is the

very latest generation of top-end professional sharpening tools.

Easy to use plate clamping system the diamond sharpening foils are mounted on

a precision milled billet of aluminium this provides a truly flat surface enabaling

you to obtain an excellent near perfect edge to your blades and chisels.

One side of the diamond cutting stone has a 400 grit diamond surface used

primarily as the first cutting surface it will remove any larger imperfections from

the edge of your knife blade, chisel, plane iron, shears or scissors.

The second side is for fine finishing, and this has a fine 1,000 grit diamond

surface, this will hone and smooth the cutting edges putting a sharper bevel

which will cut more efficiently and for much longer.

These Diamond stone can be used dry, or with a little water.

The sharpening plates sits on an adjustable non-slip docking station this enables

you to use both hands for a more controlled finish.

The feet are robust and made from a non slip rubber mixed compound.

The stones are easy to clean and can be stored neatly when not in use in the

protective wallet provided.

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Product Features:

Size: 200mm x 70mm 8 inches x 3 inches approximately.

Stones are double sided 400 grit and 1,000 grit faces.

Adjustable rubber and steel docking station.

Comes complete with a protective Storage wallet.

"Tradesmen and craftsmen will always spend time ensuring that their cutting tools

are properly sharpened as this ensures the tools work to their greatest efficiency

this gives a cleaner finish to the job.

Diamond sharpening stones produce a much more consistent edge than old

fashioned sharpening one of the reasons for this is that you dont get wear

grooves or inconsistencies in the cutting stone".

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