Everbuild Forever White

Are you looking for a reliable product that will last? Look no further than Everbuild Forever White—the complete range of products with SteriTouch antibacterial protection.

Our range includes trade favourites like Forever White, which has anti-fungal characteristics to ensure long-lasting effects. This exceptional silicone sealer is watertight, flexible indefinitely, and perfect for sealing shower bases and cubicles, wet rooms, and the areas around baths, sinks, and basins. It's also great for window and door frames, as well as kitchens and utility areas. In addition, the mould shield works to prevent bacteria, mildew, and black mould from growing on the sealant. The Forever White Grout Reviver makes it simple to return stained and filthy grout to its original dazzling white colour. Apply the product using the simple applicator to the grout lines, let it dry, and then wipe away any extra residue with a damp towel. And with Everbuild Forever White Powder Wall Tile Grout, you get a powdered grouting solution with a cement base that also contains PVA to help with adhesion and water repellents to help with water runoff.

With Everbuild Forever White, you get more than just a product—you get peace of mind. The high-quality antimicrobial additive has been rigorously tested in accredited microbiological laboratories and has shown no mould growth after a simulated ageing period of ten years. Plus, it's suitable for application in areas of high humidity where maximum hygiene protection is required, as well as those subject to high condensation. And what's more, it's CE-marked. So don't wait any longer—browse our extensive range of Everbuild products today and find the perfect product for your task.

Whether you're looking for a silicone sealant, grout reviver, or wall tile grout, we've got it all. Make sure you get the best quality products from Sealants & Tools Direct today.

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