Everbuild Thermofoam Airtight Acoustic Expanding Foam Box of 12

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Everbuild ThermofoamAirtight Acoustic Expanding Foam Box of12

Product Code:EVTHERM7-12


Product Option:EVTHERM7

Everbuild Thermofoam Box of12

Specially formulated, highly flexible PU foamthat absorbs component

movement thereby giving an air tight seal toreduce heat loss and improve

energy efficiency in buildings.

Thermofoam has a powerful bond strength andflexibility and gives excellent

long term thermal and acoustic insulation byinhibiting cracks from occurring

during the contraction of building materials,such as window frame to wall

bonds, giving a hermetically sealedbarrier.

EVTHERM7 Benefits:

Thermo Foam Adheres to all common buildingmaterials including

concrete, brickwork, wood, plaster, plastic,stone, metal etc.

Acoustic insulation up to 64 dB (EN ISO717-1)

Certified Air permeability: a<0,1 m-3 to EN12114:200-03

Temperature Resistant -40 to +80 deg C (shortterm exposure to +100 deg C)

Fire Rated to ISO13501 (Class E)

Areas for Use:

Window installation (clean, controlled backfilling and insulated sealing of

window and external roller blindcavities)

Thermo Foam Gap filling of external door frames(must be used in conjunction

with mechanical fixings)

Filling cavities in wall break-through for alltypes of utilities and services.

Video on how to use Gun Grade ExpandingPU Foam.


Thermofoam Technical Data Sheet

Thermofoam MSDS Safety DataSheet

Everbuild Manufacturer ThermofoamProduct Page

Option Text 750ml
Reference Code EVTHERM7-12
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