Everbuild Tecnic Hybriflex 480 Paintable Building Sealant Box 25 White Grey

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Everbuild Tecnic Hybriflex 480 Hybrid Polymer Mid Modulus Building Sealant

Trade Option: Box of 25


White: HYB480WE

Grey: HYB480GY


Everbuild Tecnic Hybriflex 480 paintable building joint sealant

One part general purpose mid modulus building sealant

Based on hybrid polymer technology.

Will adhere to light damp surfaces

May be used on trafficked floor joints after suitable cure period on

joints less than 15mm wide

Over paintable with common acrylic based paints

Recommended For:

Perimeter pointing of window/door frames.

Expansion joints in brick stone concrete.

Weather sealing applications.

For parapet and roofline sealing.

Weatherproofing sealing

Construction and dilation joints where stress does not occur until fully cured.

Trafficked floor joints less than 15mm wide.

Specification Compliances:

may be used as a general purpose joint sealer for floors and walls and

as a perimeter edge sealant in suitable glazing applications.

Over paintable with suitable compatible paints. Preliminary test required before use.

Hybriflex 480 Official Information:

Everbuild Tecnic Hybriflex 480 Technical Data Sheet

Everbuild Tecnic Hybriflex 480 MSDS Safety Data Sheet

Everbuild Hybriflex 480 DOP Declaration of Performance

Sika Everbuild Tecnic Colour Card

Manufacturer Everbuild Hybriflex 480 Product Page

Option Colour White or Grey
Reference Code HYB480-25
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Everbuild_Tecnic_Hybriflex_480_Sealant_Safety_Datasheet.pdf Download Attachment
Everbuild_Tecnic_Hybriflex_480_Sealant_Technical_Datasheet.pdf Download Attachment

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